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Prescription refill general guidelines

  • Bringing in your medication and supplements/vitamins for your health care provider to review at the time of your visit is very helpful.
  • Please advise your doctor/nurse practitioner at the time of your visit if refills of your prescriptions are needed.
  • Our prescriptions are sent to the pharmacies electronically or by fax. For your convenience, it is helpful for you to know which pharmacy you would like to use prior to your visit or telephone call. On occasion, we still call a prescription directly to the pharmacist. If you need your medication outside of your visit, for a quicker turn around, please call pharmacy first for refills, (not doctor’s office).
  • Prescription name(s), and dosage(s), are helpful if handy. Patients and their doctors often find keeping a written list in their wallet is a good idea.
  • Prescriptions can be filled at local pharmacies, or many insurances offer a mail option(can be less expensive, often a three month supply is given for the price of a two months of copays). This is a good option when you are stable on your medications. Please check with your insurance which mail away pharmacy your insurance covers. There are many!
  • By law, certain medications including pain medication and psychiatric medications will need to be monitored more frequently. This is for your safety.


  • Specialty referral wait times can vary.
  • With some medical plans referrals are not necessary, but most referrals are generally complete within 2-5 days. Your provider will advise you when you will be notified and can schedule your specialty appointment.
  • Urgent referrals will be handled on a more immediate basis

Telephone Calls

  • Phone calls are generally returned within 24 hours.
  • Calls may not be answered in the order they are received. Urgent matters will be attended to first.
  • If you need to a prescription refilled, please call pharmacy 24-48 hours prior to you needing your medicine.

Useful telephone numbers


St. Joseph Hospital 714-633-9111
Western Medical Center Santa Ana 714-953-3500

IPA Phone Numbers

St. Joseph Affiliated Physicians 888-881-3136
Gateway/Prospect 714-796-5900
Monarch 949-923-3200
Center for Healthy Promotion 800-469-4606
Gateway’s Health Education 714-796-5730

For questions and appointments call 714-997-2899
Our fax number is 714-289-7062.
Please call if you have any questions!

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